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The Ignatius Critical Editions and Study Guides (ICE)  
We are grateful to Joseph Pearce and the folks at Ignatius Press for doing what has been needed for so very long. That is, to provide real critical editions of some of the greatest works of Western literature. Up to now we had to sift through a collection of translations and study guides that had more to do with jamming the youth of today with fad-oriented, one dimentional, modern and often immoral views of man, devoid of creation and the author of truth and beauty, God. Each book in this newly created series is a carefully edited translation, complete with excellent, traditionally minded notes, written solely for better and deeper understanding. In addition, they contain several critical essays written by some of the finest literature professors today (50-100 pages). The study guides alone are a wealth of ideas for discussion, which will foster a love of literature, as well as a suggested variety of paper topics. (They include a paragraph synopsis of the context, plot, as well as the critical essays, with questions. That is followed by "Things to Think About While Reading the Book", and further Study Questions by the editor with an Answer Key. ) Try one set and there is no doubt you will come back for more. Ideal for your high school curriculum. (All sudy guides are 32pp.)
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